My Sweet Vanilla Soap

I bought clear glycerin soap base and thought of coming up with some simple gifts for Valentine’s Day.  It is fast approaching and better to have some little handy tokens to give on hearts’ day. That’s it — maybe some little heart-shaped soaps with the glycerin base.

Now, here is my recipe for my Sweet Vanilla Soap:

500 g of clear glycerin melt and pour soap base

1/4 tsp brown muscovado sugar

1/4 tsp sweet almond oil

1’4 tsp shea butter, melted

2 tsp vanilla oil

1.  Chop into small portions the glycerin base.

2.  Place in a double boiler and allow to melt.

3.  Turn off the fire when the glycerin is alost done.

4.  Add the sweet almond oil and shea butter.  Mix thoroughly.

5.  Add the sugar for  a nice brown color.

6.  Add the vanilla scent.

7. Pour into molds.  Spray with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles.

8.  Allow to cool for  a few hours.

9.  Unmold and enjoy!